Property renovation & project management

Property renovation & project management

Here at Lakeside, we see every project as a new challenge.

Our company also offers construction, development & renovation management services. Our Technical studio Lake Como Projects, owned by the Engineer Luciano Galli, will be glad to assist you during this process. Lots of our clients who met Luciano felt more relaxed and enjoyed the renovation since the very first step!

Having a Property Manager provides a personal touch and gives the home-owner a buffer if he or she does not wish to deal with any problem when they are away from the property. Our previous clients will be more than happy to explain you how the renovation process has been: just ask us, and we will let you chat with them!

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Handling building and renovation works (full management service);
  • Making available a network of local Builders with good reputation, good pricing and good work that is up to code;
  • Assigning jobs to different parties (in-house employees, handyman etc.) based on who will do the best service for the best price;
  • Preparing a preliminary cost estimate and getting multiple independent bids for the work;
  • Providing recommendations on how the project can maximize rental/value income;
  • Acting as a general contractor, overseeing the work;
  • Preparing design/projects that suit your requirements;
  • Submitting all the documents to the Authorities;
  • Updating the Cadastral Map & Plan before the sale and after the renovation to be done;
  • Meeting with our Architects together with Lake Como Projects to discuss about the best design and the smartest ideas;
  • Supplying Structural & Technical Reports on properties.